Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rowan 44

Yesterday I ordered some bamboo tape yarn for Ravelry knitting Olympics project . I will be competing in the synchronized skirts event. I was very lucky to find the yarn I needed on sale at the Needle lady and they were just unpacking their Rowan order and had four Rowan 44 anniversary editions .

My score consisted of 6 skeins Amethyst Rowan bamboo tape , Norah Gaughan #3, and the Rowan #44 .

While waiting for my order to arrive I have been searching the web for photos from the collection.

I find several of the vintage style cardigans interesting.

I may add the Garland, to my queue , the sweater not the hat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

origamist sweater

I am also working on Origamist Sweater from Alchemy Yarns Destination Alchemy. I have the back completed but set the project aside to finish the Sea Urchin. I am using Berroco Seduce and it feels so great to work with. I will happily use it again.

sea urchin

I want to share my progress on the Sea Urchin sweater I am currently making. I have been concerned this sweater was not going to turn out but it seems to be coming together.

Here is a photo of sweater drying, I think it blocked out nicely. We will see how, or if, it fits once I get it sewen together.

This fun knit was designed by Ilga Leja (beautiful musical name, yes?). Check out her website. Her designs are beautiful.
The colorful blocking mats are pretty overpowering but I think you can see the beautiful lace pattern.

Monday, April 28, 2008

amazing swap goodies

I want to show off my wonderful swap goodies . I received two great yarns, tunes, candy , cookies, stitch markers. Thanks to my swap sister! This was my first swap and "selfish knitters" is the best group of fiber fans. I can't wait to check this forum each day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

mermaid mitts

I am currently working on a pair of fingerless gloves . The is pattern is pomatomas mitts and is available on Ravelry. I added a few more repeats of pattern stitch to the wrist and hand sections. I loved working in this pattern and will probably make another adapted version of this pattern , maybe gloves , fingers and all, next time.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Liz's socks finished

I have finally finished my second pair of floral lace anklets. Even though I liked this pattern I think I will make it a policy not to knit two pairs of socks in the same pattern back to back. It was difficult to stay interested by the fourth sock.

I am relieved to be done and they look terrific. I was a bit concerned that I would not have enough yarn to complete both socks but I did. One skein of jitterbug will make a pair of socks. The clerk at LYS did not seem to believe that the label was correct. It was close.

I will gift the socks tonight and hope they will be a hit.

I think the next project started will be a pair of mermaid mitts.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

why you should pay attention

Here is a photo of my most recent yarn purchase. I thought I was buying a wool and silk blend only to find , away from the intoxication of all that beautiful colored fiber in one place, that my new yarn is silk with a baby bit of seashells. Here is where the need to pay attention part really comes in, it was twice the price I thought it was. How, you ask, could that happen ? It happens when you are distracted by a great scarf pin at register (that you must have) . It also helps to really check the price , not assume because it is near the sock yarn that it is a silk blend with wool.

Now despite the sticker shock, I am excited about this new project of working with silk and making a lacy shawl, which I have never done before. The really nice thing is it will be a summer weight project and it will probably take me that long to get it done. Plus, I have friends in warm places.

The pattern that came along with the yarn looks very nice . I checked it out on Ravelry and the projects posted there with this pattern and yarn were beautiful.