Saturday, January 19, 2008

Liz's socks finished

I have finally finished my second pair of floral lace anklets. Even though I liked this pattern I think I will make it a policy not to knit two pairs of socks in the same pattern back to back. It was difficult to stay interested by the fourth sock.

I am relieved to be done and they look terrific. I was a bit concerned that I would not have enough yarn to complete both socks but I did. One skein of jitterbug will make a pair of socks. The clerk at LYS did not seem to believe that the label was correct. It was close.

I will gift the socks tonight and hope they will be a hit.

I think the next project started will be a pair of mermaid mitts.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

why you should pay attention

Here is a photo of my most recent yarn purchase. I thought I was buying a wool and silk blend only to find , away from the intoxication of all that beautiful colored fiber in one place, that my new yarn is silk with a baby bit of seashells. Here is where the need to pay attention part really comes in, it was twice the price I thought it was. How, you ask, could that happen ? It happens when you are distracted by a great scarf pin at register (that you must have) . It also helps to really check the price , not assume because it is near the sock yarn that it is a silk blend with wool.

Now despite the sticker shock, I am excited about this new project of working with silk and making a lacy shawl, which I have never done before. The really nice thing is it will be a summer weight project and it will probably take me that long to get it done. Plus, I have friends in warm places.

The pattern that came along with the yarn looks very nice . I checked it out on Ravelry and the projects posted there with this pattern and yarn were beautiful.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

trip to LYS

I was knitting along last night on my trusty #1 dpn's and heard a snap. Apparently I have used and abused the poor things so much that one of them snapped. So I was off at lunch today to buy more dpn's. I bought an entire assortment of Cystal palace double points. Seems now all my future projects are gloves or socks . I promised myself that I would just buy the needles and split before something caught my eye. I was unsucessful and now have yet another project. Also purchased was a great pewter sweater pin of a sea serpant or some sea creature.

The yarn will be good for a lace weight scarf from my new knitting book (Christmas gift from Nancy). Beautiful colored yarn of wool , soy and silk.