Sunday, November 25, 2007

red and black charade socks

I have finished another pair of socks. The yarn was Lorna's Laces sheperd sock superwash wool , color 66 embers. I would like to thank Sandra at for her charade socks pattern. Her herringbone stitch was a fun knit and fast. I love knitting socks because you can take them with you easily, to the airport, on the plane, at the dentist's office, any place where you can get in a few rows.

my first sock

I've been away from knitting for sometime and recently picked up the sticks again . I started back knitting an ambitious Hanne Falkenburg ballerina kit. I also started two other sweaters that still need to be blocked and assembled. I dislike the sewing and finishing part of the process so these items will remain UFO's for awhile.

I decided to try a project that could be finished in weeks instead of months preferably with no seams. Socks seemed the prefect choice. I opted for the traditional dpns to start with. I chose Floral lace anklets from LaceStyle as my first sock project.

Knitting this pattern was not as easy at first as I thought it would be. Some swearing was involved along the way and some tinking of a few rows. At one point my husband's comment was "those socks are really kicking your ass aren't they? " Was it worth it? Yes ! What a feeling of accomplishment and no sewing. I am hooked.