Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rowan 44

Yesterday I ordered some bamboo tape yarn for Ravelry knitting Olympics project . I will be competing in the synchronized skirts event. I was very lucky to find the yarn I needed on sale at the Needle lady and they were just unpacking their Rowan order and had four Rowan 44 anniversary editions .

My score consisted of 6 skeins Amethyst Rowan bamboo tape , Norah Gaughan #3, and the Rowan #44 .

While waiting for my order to arrive I have been searching the web for photos from the collection.

I find several of the vintage style cardigans interesting.

I may add the Garland, to my queue , the sweater not the hat.

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Anita said...

Hi Jenny, I don't think you ever told me that you had a blog! How did I miss that!

Just happened to be clicking around on old comments, and clicked on one that you left on my blog. Voila, up popped this blog.

I see you haven't written in it for a while, though.

By the way, how's the new book going? You're our speed reader. :)